Rave Reviews

It was fabulous to have the wedding and
reception all in one place. We loved the ease of
leaving the tuxes at the end of the night, the nice
dressing room, great food and our beautiful
outside wedding.
JP was great. He made sure everyone and
everything was ready. Kaitlin was terrific in
making sure the tuxes fit well. Wait/bar staff was
courteous. It was easy to plan. The caterer we
chose, Dostal, was fabulous! Everyone raved
about how great the food was. The trees and
waterfall were gorgeous. All went so well, my
mom never gave anything a second thought.
We absolutely do recommend bella sala!

The one-stop shop sold us everything from tuxes to
wedding to reception. Bella sala was beautiful for
an October wedding. Staff very professional and
organized. Food was great. Truly, we did not
have to think about the “what ifs” or “What
about this?” because it was all taken care of.
Thanks for a wonderful and memorable day!
-Erin & Kyle

It was very easy to work with bella sala. Nothing
was complicated and all our questions were
answered in a timely manner. JP was awesome —
he was always very helpful & very
accommodating with us and our guests. We were
impressed with how clean the facility is. It’s a
beautiful venue in a great location!
-Hollis & Michael


We have been waiting so long for the wedding of
our dreams. I knew it had to be at bella sala the
second you opened! The venue is timeless and
gorgeous. It’s also spacious, clean and has
friendly staff. JP was especially helpful with
questions! Love your waterfall terrace. And our
bridesmaid dresses from XOXO Bridal were
adorable!!! Thank you for an unforgettable day!
-Paige & Christopher
Having the event at bella sala ensured that there
was plenty of room. It was totally easy. Email
sent – 1 meeting to sign contract – event done! I
would totally recommend your facility. You are
all so nice and the facility is beautiful.
The event was very easy for us! We didn’t have to
worry about much at all. J.P. rocked! Having a
meeting with him helped ease anxiety and
answered all my questions. The hall is beautiful.
The price is reasonable and staff was easy to
work with. I would recommend bella sala to my
-Megan & Rory
I’ve heard nothing but great things from our
guests who have commented on the outdoor
space and indoor hall. The whole hall was
enough space to hold our guests, and it was close
and convenient. The outdoor space was a great
backdrop for our ceremony. It’s a beautiful spot!
-Kyle & Michael
Everybody loves this place. Good work, J.P. and
Melissa! Best place in the entire state of Iowa!
Bella sala provided the rustic-looking setting that
our daughter wanted, with the wooded setting
and ceiling beams. Plus, it was spacious and airy
with the beautiful windows. Friends and relatives
were impressed with how beautiful the piccola
room was. They said it was a nice place to have
the reception. Very classy!
Staff was always helpful and told us to call if we
had questions. We asked if we could show my
daughter’s future in-laws, so we did that and
planned how to decorate during that visit.
Booking was very easy. Staff was courteous and
friendly, and the location was close to Coralville
and hotels.
I would definitely recommend bella sala to our
friends. We have another daughter, so we may be
booking you again for her wedding reception!
-Gloria, mother of the bride
The waterfall and decorated room looked
amazing. Your venue is perfect, especially since
people can go from the ceremony to reception
without leaving. You ladies are so helpful as well.
Anytime I needed something, one of the staff was
willing to help. You also had the linens set up,
which was a huge help and looked great! I forgot
vases, and you did a wonderful job finding
mason jars! The whole night was wonderful! I’ve
already recommended you to multiple people!
Thank you so much!
-Becky & Zach
Bella sala allowed us to have a great time without
having to worry about setting up, tearing down
or cleaning up. It is so beautiful that we didn’t
have to do much decorating. JP & the staff the
day/night of our event were great! They made
sure everything was going as planned and

They allowed us to enjoy the night!
The setup and facility is a wonderful place to
have a wedding. I would recommend bella sala
because of how beautiful the venue is. The event
staff and JP & Lyndsie were very quick at
responding back to questions and concerns. We
had an all-around blast and were very happy
with our experience.
-Rebecca & Nick
Everything was very nice and professional. The
staff was very nice and helpful. Everything was
great! I will recommend bella sala to my friends.
Having my event at bella sala took away a lot of
stress for me. I didn’t have to worry about two
different venues — I was able to have both the
ceremony and reception in one place. The entire
staff at bella sala is kind and helpful. I spent more
time with Melissa, who was always there to help
me come up with ideas and budget cuts. She
quickly responded to my emails and answered all
my questions with solutions. This was extremely
helpful since I was planning my wedding alone. I
have and will continue to recommend bella sala
to my friends and family because you made the
experience fun and easy, not to mention how
beautiful the event turned out. It exceeded my
expectations! I am so grateful for all the help you
gave me.
– Christine
Thank you to you and your team for another
great company event. It is such a pleasure to be
able to partner on this event and you all go above
and beyond to take care of us! Please let your
team know how much we appreciate the great
service and commitment to taking such good care
of our guests.
-Jill, ACT
Everything went so smoothly on the wedding
day — it could not have gone better. Everything
was set up how we wanted it and the staff did a
wonderful job helping the day go so well. We
will be recommending bella sala because it is a
beautiful place and the staff does a wonderful job
working with you.
-Kaitlyn & Ryne
The room at bella sala already looked really nice,
so we didn’t have to decorate it very much. We
had a lot of options in choosing how and where
we spent our money. The tables and tablecloths
were provided, which was great. The staff was
very friendly and kept in contact throughout the
planning process. Having a caterer who already
knew the facility made things a lot easier, too. We
will definitely recommend bella sala in the future.
The staff was friendly, helpful and supportive,
and we had a great evening!
– Stephanie & Andrew
Thank you so much for such an awesome space
to have our wedding. You were all so easy to
work with and all very professional. I couldn’t
have asked for a better day, I didn’t have to
worry about a thing! I will definitely recommend
you guys to anyone looking for a beautiful space
to hold an event.
– Keith & Haley
Thank you so much for everything you guys did
to make our wedding a great success.
– Adam & Bridget
It was wonderful to have both the ceremony and
the reception all in one place. The communication
was nice and easy the whole time through phone
and email. Thank you so much for helping me
with my special day!
– Soraya
Working with bella sala was stress free. We
booked the venue, and when the time got closer,
we planned the evening. I would recommend
bella sala because they were easy to work with
and had a beautiful atmosphere.
– Chelsea & Kurtis
We love the seclusion of bella sala, and yet it’s
still near Cedar Rapids & Iowa City. We loved
the waterfall and the nice venue with indoor
bathroom and some outdoor venue options
others do not have. bella sala is a beautiful, very
clean and comfortable, well-kept site and the staff
was very pleasant.
– Aubry & Rob
Compared to other venues, bella sala was great.
We were able to use what services we wanted but
had flexibility based on our needs. I loved that I
was able to get ready there and take outdoor
pictures at the facility, which made a huge
– Lezlee & Rob
We can’t thank you enough for everything you
did to help make our special day the best day of
our lives! We appreciate how smoothly
everything went with the planning and
event. You have a beautiful venue and we are
very pleased with choosing bella sala.
– Josh & Emily
Thank you so much for providing the venue for
our special day. The ceremony and reception
were beautiful and JP and the rest of the staff
were fantastic. Thanks!
– Kelsey & Nathan
Thank you so much for all your help and
customer service during our wedding. The venue
was perfect and everything went excellent. We
will recommend bella sala to everyone.
– Jen & Kasey
Our daughter and son in law, Jen & Kasey, were
married in August, and their reception was at
your beautiful facility. We would like to thank JP
and all of the staff members who worked with us
that day and evening. Everyone was so helpful
and the event went so smoothly! We had many
compliments from our guests. I’d also like to
thank you for working with us to plan the
event. Thanks for helping make our special event
a success!
– Cindy
Thank you for all your help in making sure our
wedding reception was perfect. Lyndsie, we can’t
thank you enough for all your help — you were
awesome to work with. Everyone enjoyed your
venue, and it is a beautiful place for a reception.
-Ashley & Tyler
At first, I was nervous because I felt like I needed
to be planning everything. But when we met and
everything on your end was so organized and
nice and you had great recommendations, it was
very reassuring. I knew I wanted simple
decorations, which was perfect @bella sala
because the inside is already beautiful. I would
recommend bella sala because the indoor and
outdoor is beautiful and it holds a lot of people.
The staff is very friendly and we had a great time!
-Hannah & Dallas
I think every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding
and bella sala made mine come true! Amazing
staff! Lyndsie, Melissa and J.P., we just adore
you! You made ease of planning go so well.
Thank you!
bella sala did great on everything. It was easy to
book, everything was done early, we knew what
to expect on the day of our event, and the coowner,
Lyndsie, was always there to answer my
question and millions of emails. I was able to
trust who I was working with, and I knew
everything would be taken care of the day of the
wedding. Having that peace of mind on my
special day was exactly what I needed.
-Lindsay & Tyler
Bella sala provided us great service and a
beautiful location and venue. The decorations
came out just as I had hoped. Whatever
decorations, ideas or samples I came up with, you
made it happen. The staff helped in every way
possible. Payments and planning were so easy. I
definitely will recommend bella sala! -Nibriti
I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you
did to provide the perfect reception for
us. Everything was so easy and simple to do
through you guys — it took so much stress off of
all the crazy planning. It was truly the best night
of our lives and we owe so much of that to
you! Thank you!
-Brandon & Callie
Having our wedding reception at bella sala
provided a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere
that was also professional and convenient for us.
Scheduling, planning, invitations and decorations
all went smoothly. This is a full service venue
with very helpful, professional staff. We gladly
recommend bella sala to our friends and family!
Everything was perfect, from the invitations to
my dress and the reception!
Our department throws a holiday party every
year. Usually, I’m so overwhelmed working out
all of the details and taking care of everything at
the venue that I am not able to enjoy the event.
This year was an exception. It was fantastic to
have everything taken care of and to go so
smoothly. I would absolutely recommend bella
sala to my friends. It is a beautiful venue that is
perfectly managed. Thanks for all your help!
-Laura, University of Iowa
First and foremost, it was easy to work with the
staff. Phone calls and emails were answered
promptly, and all aspects of the rental were made
clear. We liked that the outdoor wedding location
was solely ours for the day. Plus, your staff was
instrumental in making everything run smoothly.
Table set up, decorating time, candle lighting—
everything was ready to go immediately after the
ceremony. Not having to worry about all the little
details took a lot of the worry from us. The staff
was on site, so if any issues came up, I felt
confident they could be handled quickly. I would
absolutely recommend bella sala to my friends.
It’s beautiful, and having everything all in one
location is extremely convenient. The entire staff
was a huge help in planning the wedding, and
everything went perfectly.
-Barb, mother of the bride
We didn’t have to worry about anything! I loved
that we could have bella sala decorate! That was
worth a lot to us!! All of our guests RAVED about
how beautiful the place was. Your staff was very
easy to work with and very responsive. A big
thank you to your staff for being total rock stars
and for helping make our day amazing. You guys
-Kim & Brent
It was great to have everything in one place —
the dress, décor & reception needs. We will
absolutely recommend bella sala & XOXO Bridal
to our friends! We love the one stop shop.
Everyone remembered us each time we came in.
-Emily & John
Thank you so much for your warm hospitality
during Rick Santorum’s recent visit. You have a
beautiful facility and are great people to work
with. Thank you!
bella sala’s location, environment, and staff were
perfect for my graduation party. The bartender
was absolutely fantastic. Assistance with
planning and the ability to use the kitchen was
The staff at bella sala made everything much
easier for me. I was living in Des Moines and
helping plan a wedding in Iowa City. The
communication was great! My phone calls and
messages were always returned — I received a
response every time.
Having the wedding rehearsal at bella sala was
the right choice. What a wonderful place —
beautiful and very relaxing. Your staff was
wonderful. It was like they were part of the
family, and they did such a wonderful job!
Thank you so much for your catering referral.
They were nice to work with, and the food was
the best! You made my life so easy. I would
recommend bella sala to my friends.

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